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Bartolomeo Koczenasz
Born in 1988. He is a visual artist from Poland. Graduated from philosophy at Jagiellonian University in Kraków. His work focuses on public space issues and its relations with citizens. He is a cofounder of Niedzielni collective ( and Kraków Art House (independent art space and house). Since 2008 he has been organising various social and artistic events, such as Water Critical Mass and Modraszek Collective (Common Blue butterfly). He participated in street art festivals in Poland and abroad. He is a finalist of the Amnesty International photography competition and winner of Fresh Zone prize from ArtBoom. He has been nominated for the artist of the year award within the Kulturalne Odloty 2012 (Cultural Take-offs) organised by the largest daily in Poland “Gazeta Wyborcza”. Bartolomeo experiments with archive images, photographic installations and carries out site-specific art projects.

Individual exhibitions and projects:
2015  Frames of times, Wisła in Kraków, Polish Society of Aesthetics (exhibition)
2015  Map of City interventions, Kraków Photo Fringe (exhibition)
2014  Teleporter, Kraków Photo Fringe (exhibition)
2013  Three Perspectives, ArtBoom Festiwal, Kraków (installation)
2012  Photo booth RGB, Galeria Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery in Kraków (installation and exhibition)
2012  Barcelona, ArtBoom Festiwal, Kraków (mural)
2012  21 Jewish Krakowians building a 21st Century Jewish community in Kraków, Galicia Jewish Museum, Kraków (exhibition)
2011  Foto booth, 22nd Jewish Culture Festival in Kraków (installation)
2011  Indo Kid, Consulate General of Germany in Kraków (exhibition)
2011 One smile, JCC Kraków (exhibition)
2010  Smiling house, World Smile Day in Kraków (exhibition)

Selected group exhibitions and projects:
2015  New point of view, The Cracow Theatrical Reminiscences festival (installation)
2015  New point of view, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw (installation)
2015  Niedzielni’s raft and the Arab horse, Kraków (happening)
2015  4th Water Critical Mass, Kraków (happening)
2015  InsideOUT, Centrum Kongresowe ICE Kraków (exhibition)
2015 Threads out of parking (Nici z parkingu), Kraków (happening)
2014 -2015 Modraszek Collective (Common Blue butterfly), Kraków, (series of happenings)
2014 Dreamland (Raj), Galeria Bunkier Sztuki w Krakowie (series of performances)
2014  3rd Water Critical Mass, Kraków (happening)
2014  Greed of the city (Chciwość miasta), Małopolska Garden of Arts in Kraków (exhibition and happening)
2013  Snippets of Identity, Museum of Municipal Engineering in Kraków (exhibition)
2012  Lomografia Maj Dear, Fotofestiwal in Łódź (exhibition)
2012  Ulica Józefa, Kraków Photomonth Festival (exhibition and happening)
2011  Pasting in metro, Pottporus Street Urban Art Festival, Bohum, Herne (exhibition)
2011  Homeless Gallery (Galeria Bezdomna), Kraków (exhibition)
2009 Human rights within the lens, Amnesty International, Warszawa, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań (exhibition)